All paintings exhibited in the hotel building are originals. We will be glad to tell you the price of particular pieces at the reception desk.


Entrust your body and mind to the hands of our experts (a physiotherapist, massage therapists) and let your body rest during one of the massages or relaxing treatments we offer. Take at least a little while to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind.

Try our services which are suitable as a means to...

  • prevent pain in the locomotive system
  • reduce or get rid of pain, improve the range of motion in your joints
  • eliminate fatigue and achieve overall invigoration
  • relax and flush stress from your body
  • soothe your nervous system
  • overall improve your blood and lymph circulation and metabolism
  • flush toxins from your body faster
  • strengthen your health


This has an effect on both surface and deeper muscles, relaxes tension and removes stiffness and pain in muscles. Relaxes and stretches muscles that have contracted and shortened as a result of tension, helping to restore the natural flexibility of your body. Touch has a healing effect and as such, traditional massage treatments work on the physical part of your body and help your mind and soul relax, too, helping to maintain balance across the whole body. I also use some physiotherapeutic methods to optimise the functioning of the organism.

Partial 40-50 minutes, CZK 400
Full 80-90 minutes, CZK 800


This has an effect on all muscles and we use it prior to workout as a means to better prepare the body for any burden. You can also undergo this massage after exercise as a means to achieve or to help achieve faster regeneration of your organism.

Partial 30-50 minutes, CZK 400



diagnostics, treatment and prevention of locomotive disorders

Physiotherapy is about treating the movable parts of your body. Joints, muscles, and ligaments may suffer from overloading if they are forced to repeat the same motion in the same direction, be the cause of it that your head, trunk or limbs are burdened unevenly at work or following an injury or illness or mental strain or strain at work each of us experiences in everyday life. Physiotherapy can help everyone both in dealing with problems that have already occurred and renew all functions to their original state as well as being a means to prevent overloading of the organism resulting in health complications.

Initial diagnostics and procedures CZK 500



An advanced technique widespread nowadays apart from sports medicine and physiotherapy in common amateur sports as well, to deal with work overload or achieve recuperation (also a suitable pre-surgery preparation, e.g. arthroplasty). Supports healing processes, e.g. chronic inflammations, arthrosis, joints damaged following injuries etc.

Price: CZK 2 per 1 cm of the tape (application for free)



The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a therapy which, due to its relaxation and therapeutic effects, is one of the most popular ways of relaxation. The Hawaiian massage is based on very fine and smooth techniques the origin of which can be traced to the islands of Hawaii.

Back + neck 40 minutes, CZK 350
Whole body 90 minutes, CZK 500