All paintings exhibited in the hotel building are originals. We will be glad to tell you the price of particular pieces at the reception desk.


The Finnish sauna is a traditional type of sauna , which does actually have its origin in Finland where it is very popular and widespread.

Finnish-type saunas are distinguished by their moderate temperature and humid ambience.The temperature in the sauna should not exceed 75 – 80°C. A high level of humidity of about 80% needs to be maintained at the same time. It is possible to counter-balance the higher temperature in the sauna by increased humidity. Moderation in all things, though.


Do you want to relax your body, invite your partner to spend a relaxed and undisturbed time together or treat your business partner to an unconventional meeting? That is what our whirlpool is for.
The effect of a whirlpool bath on your organism is very favourable and helps achieving overall balance, both physical, mental and emotional. Hydrotherapy is one of the methods used to complement common therapies and is becoming a natural way to care for one’s health. The positive effects of hydrotherapy are based on an upward pressure of water, its optimal temperature and targeted circulation. Whirlpools stimulate the immunity system, massage your body and warm your muscles through, help battle cellulite and overweight...