All paintings exhibited in the hotel building are originals. We will be glad to tell you the price of particular pieces at the reception desk.


Our fitness centre is equipped with modern exercise machines of top quality by Panatta. All machines feature hydraulic adjusting systems to enable optimum setting and joint centration. Do not be afraid of exercise. Our personal trainers will be glad to help you, so please feel free to ask them.


Our fitness centre offers a specialist who will take care that you do not overwork and harm your body. We will show you what to do. Our gym offers a personal trainer and a physiotherapist, which means a specialist amongst specialists, who will keep an eye on your efforts and help you to get started.

  • tips and advice concerning exercise
  • body forming and body fat reduction
  • diet plans
  • exercise plans
  • proper techniques and ways to exercise
  • initial examination and diagnostics


Our trainer will perform the initial diagnostic examination for you, which is included for free with every gym pass or provided as request by the client, plus additional diagnostics afterwards. The trainer will measure and check your muscular dysbalances. Together, using the Tanita machine, you will be able to establish how your body is doing in terms of fats, muscles, hydration, minerals... The trainer will then go through the results with you and explain them to give you advice as to suitable exercise, diet, nutritional supplements and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


Part of the fitness centre is a modern cardio area featuring 3 treadmills, an exercise bike, a horizontal exercise bike and 2 cross-trainers. All machines are equipped with pulse monitors ensuring an optimum and desirable load on your body.


An integral part of the fitness centre is also a functional or stretching zone. There you can stretch and relax prior to and after workout. The flooring is flexible and designed for functional workout using the alternative exercise equipment (such as balloons, Bosu, TRX, kettleballs, thera bands…) prepared here. Do not be afraid of replacing exercise weights with your own body weight. Even here, specially trained fitness centre staff is available to give you a hand.